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Transgender and Gender Identity

We are committed to the University's Transgender Policy and we also follow the associated Transgender Guidance. The policy has three main aims:

  1. to give support and understanding to those individuals who wish to take, or have taken steps, to present themselves in a gender different to the gender assigned at birth. The College recognises that the period of transition can be very complex and difficult for an individual, and would wish to act in a supportive and sensitive way to ease any transition period.
  2. to create an inclusive trans-friendly culture, workplace and learning environment, free from discrimination, harassment or victimisation, where all transgender people are treated with dignity and respect in the gender in which they choose to present themselves irrespective of their legal sex.
  3. to ensure that no prospective or actual student will be treated less favourably than any other on the grounds of gender identity or reassignment.

Any student wishing to transition, or to discuss their gender identity in confidence, may do so with any member of the College Welfare Team. The first point of contact for a student wanting to transition at College is the Senior Tutor. Other members of staff, such as the Chaplain, Senior Dean or Welfare and Disabilities Officer can also be approached in the first instance. All conversations regarding this process will be handled sensitively and respectfully, in accord with the College’s code of confidentiality.

We acknowledge that some students may have concerns about transition—perhaps regarding the people at home finding out, or about visas if they are an international student—and we can certainly be flexible in coming to arrangements on such issues if they are raised. Students requiring time away from their studies for medical reasons should feel free to mention this to us so that options for deferral and/or suspension can be discussed.

JCR Gender Expression Fund
Keble JCR wishes to support our transgender and gender non-conforming students at college. Obtaining items such as binders, concealing underwear, packers and breastforms can go a long way towards preventing gender dysphoria, improving welfare and mental health; but such items are often expensive and potentially out of reach on a student budget. The JCR has thus established a fund to be used by students who needs to buy any of the above. If this fund is something that you wish to use, please contact the JCR Welfare Officers. They will keep any application to this fund confidential.

Further information about university-wide policy and welfare provision for students who want to transition is available from:


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