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Undergraduate Admissions

Keble admits about 130 undergraduates each year from all types of school and educational backgrounds to study a wide range of subjects.  We seek applicants who are academically aspiring and intellectually ambitious. We are looking for potential as much as achievement, and actively encourage applications from schools that do not regularly send candidates to Oxford. We are also pleased to receive applications from those with overseas and other A level-equivalent qualifications.  We admit students on the basis of academic merit alone.

Application to Keble is done centrally through the University of Oxford. The University pages also include important information about the application process, including information on interviews, pre-admissions tests, fees and funding, International Applications, and more. The UCAS Campus Code for Keble is 'A'.

Students applying to Oxford often comment that they find it difficult to choose a college. To help you decide, these pages give details of our available subjects and  what undergraduate life in College is like. While colleges do not differ greatly in their provision for undergraduates, some key features of Keble which might help you with your decision are summarised here:

1) Teaching excellence

Keble is a well-resourced College with at least two full time Tutorial Fellows in virtually every subject. They are supported by research fellows and college lecturers, creating strong teams of tutors. These ‘subject families’ also include postgraduates, who add to the intellectual environment. Also, there are significant numbers of students in most subjects, forming coherent year groups.  This allows us to resource such things as library provision, academic prizes revision weeks (in some subjects) and course-related activities to a high standard.

2) Great accommodation

Keble boasts some of the best College accommodation in Oxford, plus all of our rooms are within the college's main site. For more information, take a look at the Accommodation and Food section.

3) Open and friendly atmosphere

If you were to ask our undergraduates what the best part about Keble is, they will most likely say it is the student body. There is a real sense of community in the College, and the students pride themselves on being welcoming and friendly. You won’t find a Keble ‘type’, but will rather find a supportive environment made up of students from a number of different backgrounds.

4) Location

Keble has a great location to the north of the city centre and is within 5 minutes walk from the majority of science departments and 10 minutes from most other departments. We are also right next to the University Parks, which offer acres of green space for picnics, walks, morning runs, etc.

5) Financial Support

In supplement to the funding available through Oxford University, Keble College is able to offer additional support to its students. This is both need-based and merit-based. For more information, see the Money Matters page.

6) The O'Reilly Theatre

The College is lucky to have its very own state of the art studio theatre - the O'Reilly. The O’Reilly is one of Oxford’s newest theatres, and performs up to four student productions every term, offering a high quality diverse season. Keble students can take advantage of discounted prices.

7) Café Keble

If you need a caffeine pick-me-up when finishing an essay, or want to meet up with friends over cake and tea, the College café is open 11am to 6pm during term time. The café also has free wifi and great views of Newman Quad, making it a great place to socialise or study. In the evenings during term it becomes the venue for the popular Nightlearn facility.

8) The Setting

Keble also has a number of other great facilities, including a well-stocked 24 hour library, and the largest (technically, longest) dining Hall in Oxford. All of this is housed within some of the most distinctive architecture Oxford has to offer.

Keble Admissions Brochure Front

Have a look at our Undergraduate Brochure to see what we think makes Keble a great place to be a student