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Oxford Icons

Oxford is a city full of cultural wonder. Whether it’s Oxford University’s heritage, the best of the UK’s museums or marvelling at the architectural beauty of the city’s buildings and museums, there is plenty to see on your visit to Oxford this summer.

Enjoy the best of Oxford, while staying in the unique surroundings of one of the city’s most iconic colleges.

Throughout history, Oxford has been described as the ‘City of Dreaming Spires’ after the stunning architecture of the University buildings. It’s not just buildings, but art, music, museums – in fact everywhere you look there is stunning culture not to be missed!

Art in Oxford

Keble College Side Chapel is home to the William Holman Hunt 1853 painting, called ‘Light of the World’. Many visit Keble just for a chance to see this painting of Jesus holding a lantern at dawn.

Home to the UK’s oldest and most original museums, Oxford’s jewel is the Ashmolean Museum, where you can see the Paolo Uccello masterpiece, ‘The Hunt in the Forest’, believed to be from 1470. You can also travel across the world to the Tokyo: Art & Photography exhibition, showcasing Japan’s capital city through art over the past 400 years – a new way of looking at this year’s Olympic hosts.

Oxford’s Architecture

Nowhere can you find architecture like Oxford’s. Inside and out, and from up high, you’ll find beauty.

Whether the historical Oxford University campus buildings, including Keble College’s stunning brickwork, or the famous Radcliffe Camera you can be treated to breathtaking architecture and design.

We recommend a visit to the University Church of St Mary the Virgin where you can visit the stunning viewing platform that overlooks the city.

Oxford’s famous ‘Dreaming Spires’ landscape

Oxford Literary Legends

Explore the settings that opened up literary worlds of Narnia, His Dark Materials and Lord of the Rings for CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien. Visit the Bodleian Library reading rooms, where monarchs, Prime Ministers and writers spent their time whilst studying in Oxford.

The best way to see the city sights is through joining a walking tour. The Oxford Official  Walking Tours offer group and personal tours, including one dedicated to the Literacy Greats.

Oldest pubs meet tradition

Oxford is home to some of the oldest pubs in the UK. Some can be traced back to the 13th century, and have served refreshment and inspiration to great minds such as William Shakespeare and CS Lewis.

The oldest pub in Oxford is the Bear Inn, dating back to 1242. The pub is famous for its tie collection, a tradition that has resulted in more than 4,500 ties on the wall and ceiling, indicating university clubs, sports teams and college.


Discover intimate music performances in the colleges or one of the many small venues in the city.

Visit Daily Info for a guide to the huge range of concerts and readings happening in Oxford, there really is something for everyone.

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