Akash is a Research Fellow and Tutor in Engineering Science at Keble, and a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Mechanics of Materials within the Department of Engineering Science. Prior to starting his career in Academia at Oxford, he was a Teacher of Science at secondary schools in Leicester.

His research focuses on better understanding the mechanical properties of low-impedance polymers and their composites, specifically the response to high rate deformations, such as those experienced in impact loading scenarios. He does this by developing new methods for experimentally measuring the response of polymers and composites under challenging loading conditions, and for modelling and designing polymer structures.

These materials are widely used for energy absorbing applications in industries as diverse as automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, biomedical, defence and consumer goods. However, their behaviour during impact is not well understood, which prevents the optimisation of material properties and structural design.

Akash’s DPhil research was funded with a full scholarship from the US Air Force. He has also won several prizes for his research, including the prestigious Young Stress Analyst Award (2019). Akash teaches the Structures, Mechanics and Materials set of courses (P3/A3) to first and second year undergraduates, and is the Lead Tutor for the Materials (B8) option paper for third years.