Martin Kiffner is a Senior Research Fellow in the Quantum Systems Engineering group at the University of Oxford and a Senior Research Fellow at Keble College. He is a theoretical physicist working in the field of quantum physics and its applications in Quantum Technologies.

Quantum technologies aim to enhance the performance of next-generation technologies by exploiting the laws of quantum physics. Quantum physics is the branch of physics that describes the laws of nature that apply to microscopic objects which are much smaller than those of our everyday life. The typical size of these microscopic objects is a single atom, which is a basic unit of matter. Almost one hundred years after the invention of quantum physics, our increasing ability to control complex physical systems on the quantum level promises to dramatically enhance the performance of applications like sensing, metrology, communication, imaging, and computing.

Martin’s current research interests include the inter-conversion of optical and millimeter waves using Rydberg atoms, solid state systems coupled to cavities and software development for quantum computing applications.