Dr Sherine El Taraboulsi–McCarthy has over 15 years of regional and international expertise at the intersection between academia, policy and practice.

Her expertise is on conflict zones, humanitarian and development politics, security and peacebuilding and she has published extensively on the Middle East and North Africa. During her tenure, she will be working on a project on the political economy of global solidarity in the age of Covid-19.

Sherine is International Research Director at NatCen Social Research, Britain’s largest independent social research organization. Prior to that, she was a Senior Research Fellow at the Overseas Development Institute where she launched ODI-MED, a cross-institutional initiative on peacebuilding and sustainability in the Mediterranean Region. Sherine has served as an adviser and consultant to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as wide range of international NGOs, multilateral and bilateral agencies and initiatives. She is a member of the Yemen Safe Passage Group and the British Academy’s Society for Libyan Studies.

Her research has a strong multidisciplinary orientation, drawing on history, political economy and sociology. She engages with questions on the politics of peacebuilding, humanitarian and development engagement, local and international power configurations in conflict-affected contexts and how international engagement can be understood within broader sociohistorical processes and from the perspective of marginalized groups. A common thread in her work is the need for a nuanced and historically sensitive understanding of indigenous voice and agency.