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Welcome to Keble College Chapel

A welcome from the Chaplain


Welcome to Keble Chapel

John KebleKeble College was founded in memory of John Keble, a Victorian clergyman who, with others in what became known as the Oxford Movement, had a profound impact on the Church of England in the mid 19th century, renewing and strengthening it in the catholic tradition. From its foundation the religious roots of the College went deep, and for many years Keble stood out from other Oxford colleges in its insistence on an ordained clergyman as Warden and in the number of its students who went on to serve as clergy.

The ideals on which Keble College was founded, namely a community of students and their tutors centred on common meals, study and worship, and particularly the sacrament of communion, continue to lie at the heart of the life of the Chapel in College. Those who worship in the Chapel seek to witness faithfully, yet critically, to their belief in God revealed in Christ, and to live that belief through prayer and action.

Keble Chapel Doors open to Liddon QuadKeble College Chapel is open daily and to all. All members of the College are invited to attend services and to participate in Chapel activities. And, all are welcome to use the Chapel for personal prayer and meditation. Holy Communion is celebrated on Sunday evenings at 5:30 pm during Full Term and on important Holy Days. Our services are conducted in accordance with those of the Church of England. All baptized persons or those who have communicant status in their own denomination are welcome to receive Holy Communion.

The main part of the Chapel is accessible for wheelchairs by ramps but unfortunately the side-Chapel is not wheelchair accessible.

Our Chaplain

The Chaplain, The Reverend Nevsky Everett, is happy to meet with any member of the College. Nevsky is an Anglican priest and has been Chaplain at Keble since 2016. As both Chaplain and a member of the College Welfare team, all are most welcome to drop by his office or give him a ring. Tea is always ready for brewing and he usually has a stash of chocolate at hand. Nevsky is available for conversation with anyone regardless of religious background or none. All such meetings are conducted in confidence. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available to those who seek it.

Office: Room 2901 in Liddon 10 (above the Porter's Lodge)
Telephone: (2)72725

Keble College Chapel Policy
Keble College Chapel is an integral part of Keble College and is subject to its agreed policies and procedures regarding, among other matters, freedom of speech, equality, and harassment. Codes of practice on these and other matters may be found on the College website. Keble College Chapel is also a part of the Church of England and thus its services and the Chaplain are also subject to the law and policies of the Church of England.
--Agreed by the Governing Body of the College, 18 May 2016

Our Services in Term
(all services finish in time for dinner in Hall)

Sung Eucharist at 5.30pm with Keble College Chapel Choir

Morning Prayer at 8.15am

Eucharist at 12.15pm (Wednesday) and 6.30pm (Tuesday and Thursday)

Evensong with Keble College Chapel Choir at 6pm (Wednesday)

Evening Prayer at 6.30pm (Monday and Friday)

Sung Compline at 9.00pm (Thursdays only)