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Governance & Policies

The College was established by Royal Charter in 1870 and was run at first by a College Council.

In 1952 it became a full college of the University and received its governing Statutes, which have been subsequently revised in some areas. The current Statutes can be viewed here and constitute the governing document of the College. They lay down the principles on which the Warden is appointed and on which the Fellowship is based.

The day-to-day running of the College is conducted by a range of committees whose membership is set out here and which all report to the Governing Body, where all major decisions are taken. Keble has had junior member representation on its College committees for many years, and values the opportunity this provides to hear their views. The two most important sub-committees of Governing Body are the Academic Committee and the Finance Committee.

Keble, in company with the other colleges of the University, is now a registered charity and is subject to oversight by the Charity Commission. Its Charity Registration Number is 1143997. This section also provides access to the policies which are required by recent legislation, which have been developed by the College in accordance with best practice in the University and elsewhere.


Statutes (pdf)
Members of Governing Body (pdf)
College Committees (pdf)

Annual Report and Accounts

Year ended 31 July 2023 (pdf)
Year ended 31 July 2022 (pdf)
Year ended 31 July 2021 (pdf)
Year ended 31 July 2020 (pdf)
Year ended 31 July 2019 (pdf)


College Environmental Policy 2023 (pdf)
Data Protection Policy (pdf)
Data Protection Documents
Safeguarding Policy (pdf)
Bribery and Fraud Policy (pdf)
Freedom of Speech Policy (pdf)
Harassment Policy and Procedure (pdf)
Information Security Policy (pdf)
Health and Safey Statement (pdf)
CCTV Policy (pdf)
Fairtrade Policy (pdf)
Policy on Pet Animals (pdf)

Equality Information

Equality Report 2021-22 (pdf)
Equality Report 2020-21 (pdf)
Keble College Equality and Diversity Policy (pdf)
Equality Report 2019-20 (pdf)
Supplement to the Equality Report 2019 (pdf)
Equality Report 2018-19 (pdf)
Equality Report 2017-18 (pdf)
Equality Report 2016-17 (pdf)
Gender Pay Gap Report as at 5.4.23 (pdf)
Gender Pay Gap Report as at 5.4.22 (pdf)
Gender Pay Gap Report as at 5.4.21 (pdf)
Gender Pay Gap Report as at 5.4.20 (pdf)
Gender Pay Gap Report as at 5.4.19 (pdf)
Gender Pay Gap Report as at 5.4.18 (pdf)
Gender Pay Gap Report as at 5.4.17 (pdf)


Oxford SU Sustainability Demands

Access and Outreach Information

Access and Admissions Report 2023 (pdf)
Access and Admissions Report 2022 (pdf)
Access and Admissions Report 2021 (pdf)
Access and Admissions Report 2020 (pdf)
Access and Admissions Report 2019 (pdf)

Fundraising Information

Alumni and Fundraising Promise (pdf)
Fundraising Complaints Procedure (pdf)
Policy on Fundraising – Vulnerable Circumstances (pdf)