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Support and Welfare

Feeling your best

Life at University can have its ups and downs, even if, as a graduate, you’re probably already familiar with being away from home. Graduates aren’t free from worries about health, money, personal relationships etc. Keble College has the resources and the people to make sure that these worries don’t get in the way of a stable and fulfilling experience.

We use the generic term ‘welfare’ to describe our sources of support and advice on health and well-being. Whatever the issue – it might be homesickness, anxiety, eating disorders – there’s always someone in our Welfare Team who can either help or direct you to the right outside support.

Friends are often the first source of support. But graduates can also turn to trained peer supporter members and graduate Welfare Officers, who can listen and offer advice.

Located in departments, your supervisors or course directors are another source of guidance. You’ll also have a college advisor – your point of contact within college for any academic issues and/or welfare concerns you may have, someone you can talk to in confidence.

Friends, family and advisors are often a real help. But if personal problems get a bit more difficult, there’s a team of College Officers trained  to provide more focused support. It includes the College Counsellor, College Nurse, College Doctor, Welfare Fellow/Chaplain, Senior Tutor, Disability Co-ordinator, Harassment Advisors and junior deans. At The H B Allen centre there’s a resident sub-Dean with welfare responsibilities for all graduates.

Outside the College, the University has a specialist Counselling Service and Disability Advisory Service.

Have a look at our Welfare and Personal Support Guide (pdf) and Guide for Disabled Students (pdf) for more in-depth information about the provision at Keble and at Oxford.