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At Keble we’re focused on discovering, sharing and communicating knowledge. New ideas can come from anywhere – the tutorial, classroom, café. And they can come from students as much as tutors. So we’re always looking for new ways to bring teaching, learning and researching together.

Keble Research

Our Objectives

“The advancement of education and learning
and the promotion of research”

These words are written into our Statutes. They are our ‘objects’ – our purpose in other words. Oxford colleges are often thought of as places that just teach undergraduates. Many have graduates too. But it’s often forgotten that Colleges are also centres of research and innovation. Keble is no exception.

Our Fellows – over 50 Tutorial, Research and Professorial Fellows – are actively engaged in research across the arts and sciences. They bring their knowledge and skills into teaching. Sometimes they take ideas from undergraduate tutorials or graduate supervision back into their research. On the teaching side they’re assisted by lecturers, many of whom also do research. You can find out their individual interests and publications from Our People.

In order to support our academic community, we have ‘Keble Research’. We put up to £100,000 a year into research support schemes. Our Senior Research Visitors are leading scholars (mostly from outside the UK) who come to Keble to share their ideas. Research Associates (pdf) – usually post-docs – join our community and add their expertise. We give small research grants to anything from helping prepare scholarly monographs to acquiring vital scientific equipment. You can find out more about what Keble Research does from our Research Reports.

The focus for these activities is the academic programme of The H B Allen Centre. Under its Academic Director, Dr Jeremy Fix, there’s a lively series of lectures, workshops, seminars and discussion evenings – plus joint events with Oxford Science Enterprises and the Oxford Robotics Institute. Our graduates are often the best source of new and exciting so they’re encouraged to take the lead in these occasions.

Poetry has a special place in Keble. John Keble himself was a poet and, more recently, Sir Geoffrey Hill was a student and Honorary Fellow. Find out more about our poetry reading groups and seminars.