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Scholarships 2024-25

Keble College has a small number of graduate scholarships for graduates starting in 2024. They are of two kinds. Some are linked to the University’s Clarendon Fund and do not require a separate application. Others are Keble-only scholarships for defined categories of graduates and/or courses, and these do require applications.

For both kinds of scholarships there is a general preference for graduates intending to start a new course in a research degree, but applications for continuing students and taught masters are sometimes considered.

Any enquires may be directed to

Linked Scholarships

de Breyne/Clarendon Award
Up to three scholarships available which are linked to the  University’s Clarendon Fund scheme, providing full fee and maintenance funding. These partnership awards are awarded solely on the grounds of outstanding academic merit. Awards are made for up to three years and are coterminous with University fee liability. There is an annual renewal of scholarships subject to satisfactory academic progress.

Sloane Robinson/Clarendon Scholarship
A small number of scholarships are available which are linked to the University’s Clarendon Fund scheme, providing full fee and maintenance funding.

Oxford-Weidenfeld & Hoffman Scholarship
Keble also supports the Leadership Programme for up to five Oxford-Weidenfeld & Hoffman scholars. The awards are made by the Weidenfeld-Hoffman Trust administrators and do not require separate application to Keble.

Keble only Scholarships

These scholarships are only available to those studying at Keble, so please ensure we admit for your chosen programme of study before applying. Guidance can be found at

Oxford-Emmy Graduate Scholarships
Women with offers to take up DPhil programmes in the Departments of Physics, Computer Science or Statistics, or at the Mathematical Institute, will be considered for the first two scholarships via their departmental applications. There is no separate application to the College although there will be a college interview following the departmental offer. The scholarships include course fees and stipend for up to four years at the standard rate set by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). Oxford-Emmy Graduate Scholars will also join the Emmy Network’s international community of senior fellows, visiting fellows and graduate scholars, which offers opportunities for enhanced professional development and interdisciplinary networking across diverse disciplines ranging from mathematics and physics to biology and economics. The Emmy Network will host an annual conference at Keble College, to bring leading figures from relevant fields to interact with scholars and their peers in Oxford.

Gwynne Jones Scholarship 
One scholarship worth approximately £13k for any graduate degree course, with preference given to an individual from Sierra Leone or a Yoruba-speaker from Nigeria.
Application form (doc)

The Ian Tucker Memorial Scholarship  
One or more scholarships available worth approximately £6,000 combined, for one year only.  Applicants must demonstrate sporting prowess – preferably in the field of rugby football – in addition to strong academic ability.
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The James Martin Graduate Scholarship
One scholarship available worth approximately £9,000, for one year only.  Applicants must be intending to study for an MSc in MPLS (mathematical, physical and life sciences), Medical Sciences or Environmental Science. Preferences are for individuals who are making potential contributions to advances in technology, and with UK nationality / residency.
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The closing date for these scholarships is now extended to Wednesday 14th February 2024.

The College also has some funds to help out with on-course costs for current students. The Graduate Study Support Fund is there for course-related equipment, fieldwork costs, attendance at relevant conferences (especially if a paper or poster is being presented), and visits to libraries or archives outside Oxford. Awards are typically up to £400 a year.

The Keble Association

Thanks to Alumni who have set up the Keble Association, we have some funds for travel and study grants, including for arts, internships and humanitarian projects. Graduates often apply for support to go to conferences – typically grants are up to £600. Applications can be made three times a year.

For when unexpected financial problems arise, we have a Student Support Fund. Its grants can, for example, help out with the final writing-up stages of a thesis. It’s not a bottomless fund, so we do advise graduate applicants to make sure that they can cover their anticipated costs (fees and living expenses) before starting on their programme.

The University also has its own separate funding sources, including for hardship and writing up. You can get details from the university’s webpage.