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It’s really important to choose the right subject – you’ll be studying it for three or four years. See what our tutors have written about their subjects, including how many places we typically offer.

Why Keble

Study at Keble

There’s more than one way to be brilliant. So at Keble College we don’t expect intelligence to come in any particular shape or form. We’re looking for future students who are inquisitive, passionate, original and determined to grow – no matter what school you went to, how much money you have, what gender you are, or how you like to learn.

So why pick Keble out of all the colleges? We think it’s important that you choose the right subject for you – check out the subject pages here and on the University’s main site. If we do your chosen subject – and we admit for most of the major degrees and a lot of the smaller and joint degrees – then what can we offer you?

Our aim is to provide a safe and supportive environment in which you can pursue your academic ambitions and play your part in creating a vibrant community of students. To support your studies, we have at least two Fellows – full-time, senior academics – in virtually every subject. They’re joined by college lecturers and research fellows, creating stable teams of tutors. We have appointed two new Study Skills tutors to guide you in the transition from school to University and provide any extra support that you might need along the way. Our standard year group for a subject is 6-8 students a year (some are smaller and a few larger). That’s big enough to ensure that you don’t feel isolated in your subject, but not so big that you can’t get the kind of personal attention your learning needs. Our commitment to nurturing your academic ambition is shown by our programme of scholarships and academic prizes. You can find out more about what’s on offer in our Financial Guide (pdf). Thanks to Alumni who have set up the Keble Association we also have funds for travel and study grants, including for arts, internships and humanitarian projects.

But we also know that students sometimes need more than great tutors and a well-stocked Library. To that end, we’re always looking for new ways to sustain Keble’s environment as open and welcoming. If you were to ask our students what the best part about Keble is, they will most likely say it’s the real sense of community – they pride themselves on being friendly. We’re a fairly big and diverse college – there are over 400 undergraduates and almost the same number of graduates from all kinds of backgrounds. That means that whatever you’re into you’ll probably find like-minded people to share your passions.

Life at University can have its ups and downs. You can find out about our financial support and the College’s welfare services under Welfare and Finance.

Facilities and Accommodation

What’s Keble like as a place to live and study? Undergraduate life is concentrated on our large, main site. We’ve got great places to study, meet other students, get active or just relax.

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Working with Pupils

We are working hard to break down the barriers that stop bright and committed students from applying to the University of Oxford. We want to dispel the myths that have built up about the place and help potential students make the best decisions for their future. Learn more about our outreach team and what we can do for schools and students.

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