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Degree Days

Congratulations on completing your degree. Here you can find the essential information about your graduation ceremony and make sure that you don’t miss out on this important part of your Oxford experience.

May BA Days

Keble is allocated over 100 places on a special degree day ceremony held each year in May after finalists have gone down. This enables a large proportion of the undergraduate year group to graduate together and to celebrate their achievement with their families and friends. If you have any questions about the BA Degree Days, please contact

The BA Degree Day dates are as follows:

Saturday 7 May 2022 (for 2021 finalists, fully booked)
Saturday 6 May 2023 (for 2022 finalists)

Ceremonies postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic

Colleges and the Degree Conferrals Office are working hard to ensure that those affected by ceremony cancellations/postponements due to the COVID-19 pandemic are able to attend a graduation ceremony as soon as possible. Keble are hosting a number of ceremonies across the academic year to process Finalist and Backlog students (whose ceremonies were cancelled or postponed). We are very hopeful that we will be able to process all Keble Backlog students by the summer of 2023.

Please note that if you apply for a place at a ceremony there is no guarantee that you will be able to graduate on that day. You may not be notified of the outcome for some time until the deadline for invited graduands has passed; the University will send an email confirmation.

If you would prefer not to wait for an in-person ceremony, you still have the option to have your degree conferred in absentia and can be added to the next available ceremony date (please note, if you choose to confer your degree in absentia you cannot attend an in-person ceremony at a later date). Please contact if you would confer your degree in absentia.

You can also order a digital degree confirmation letter in advance of your ceremony at no additional charge from the Degree Conferrals Office.

Keble Degree Days throughout the year

There are also a number of degree days throughout the year, primarily, but not exclusively, for Graduate students. If you are a current student, you will be sent an invitation to graduate before your course ends, or as soon as you are given leave to supplicate (DPhil students).

Ceremony Dates:

Saturday 12 March (fully booked)
Saturday 21 May (fully booked)
Saturday 4 June (fully booked)

Saturday 16 July (for Medics and DPhil graduands, 14 places)
Saturday 10 September (for Backlog graduands, 80 places)
Friday 4 November (graduate and DPhil graduands, 58 places)
Saturday 5 November (graduate and DPhil graduands, 60 places)
Saturday 25 February (graduate and DPhil graduands, 60 places)
Saturday 13 May (for Backlog graduands, 80 places)

If you have already finished your degree you should complete the form for historic graduands (pdf) and send it to with your preferred date and we will contact you about availability as soon as it is known.

Degree Certificates/Academic Transcripts

Certificates are prepared by the University Degree Office and can be collected from College immediately after the ceremony. Certificates will be posted to those graduating in absentia. If you have not received your degree certificate within three months of the date of your ceremony (either in person or in absentia) and you fail to notify the College of this within that period, you will be charged for a replacement certificate.

For more information on obtaining an initial or replacement certificate please visit the University website

If you require an academic transcript please visit this page on the University website for more information:

Please note that the Alumni and Development Office do not have access to degree certificates or academic records, so you best first point of reference are the links listed in this section.

MA Degrees

As there is a severe shortage of in person degree ceremony places throughout the year, currently Alumni can only obtain their Oxford MA degree in absentia. To receive your Oxford MA, please complete the form for historic graduands (pdf). There is a fee of £40 payable to the University and £10 to the College for an MA conferral.

Once the date of your MA conferral has been confirmed, you should pay the fee via  Payment must be made 30 days before the ceremony date. Your certificate will be posted to you the week following the in absentia ceremony.

NB You are only eligible to take an MA if your first degree was a BA.