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Keble Research

As part of ‘Keble Research’, we put up to £100,000 a year into research support schemes.

Research Reports

We give small research grants to anything from helping prepare scholarly monographs to acquiring vital scientific equipment. If you want to know more about the work this engenders within our academic community, have a look at our annual research reports.

2020-22 Report (pdf)
2019-20 Report (pdf)
2018-19 Report (pdf)

The ASC Newsletter Archive

The Keble Advanced Studies Centre (ASC) was formed to promote the exchange of ideas between different academic specialisms. Its purpose was to bring together expertise from across the world, especially through the stimulation of research clusters: collaborative relationships between researchers with different backgrounds but focused on common problems. After over eight years of innovative work, the ASC has now been transformed into Keble Research. The archival ASC newsletters are available to read here.

Trinity Term 2017 (pdf)
Trinity Term 2016 (pdf)
Trinity Term 2015(pdf)
Hilary Term 2015 (pdf)
Michaelmas Term 2015
Trinity Term 2014 (pdf)
Hilary Term 2014 (pdf)
Hilary Term 2013 (pdf)
Michaelmas Term 2013
Hilary Term 2012 (pdf)
Michaelmas Term 2012
Trinity Term 2011 (pdf)
Michaelmas Term 2011 (pdf)