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Undergraduate Admissions

Feedback 2022-23

We have posted subject admissions reports below, in most cases containing information from the college and the University. We hope that applicants, potential applicants and teachers will find these reports helpful in understanding how our admissions tutors arrived at their decisions. In some cases tutors offer advice or reflections on the admissions exercise based on their experience.

As a College, we are wholeheartedly committed to seeking potential wherever it may be found and diversifying our student community. Some of these reports refer to the way that contextual information is taken into account in the admissions process.  A short guide to the kinds of information and how it is used can be found at the University’s website. As last year, our tutors were able to take advantage of more detailed and systematic information on individual, school, and neighbourhood characteristics. This is in keeping with our commitment to the University’s Access and Participation Plan. We’re very pleased to be able to make an increased number of offers as part of the Opportunity Oxford programme.

Archaeology and Anthropology (pdf)
Archaeology and Anthropology (University) (pdf)
Biology (pdf)
Biology (University) (pdf)
Biomedical Sciences and Medicine (pdf)
Biomedical Sciences (University) (pdf)
Chemistry (pdf)
Chemistry (University) (pdf)
Classical Archaeology and Ancient History (pdf)
Computer Science (pdf)
Computer Science (University) (pdf)
Economics and Management (pdf)
Economics and Management (University) (pdf)
Engineering (pdf)
English (pdf)
English (University) (pdf)
Geography (pdf)
History and Joint Schools (pdf)
History and Joint Schools (University) (pdf)
Human Sciences (pdf)
Human Sciences (University) (pdf)
Law (pdf)
Law (University) (pdf)
Mathematics and Joint Schools (pdf)
Mathematics and Joint Schools (University) (pdf)
Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (pdf)
Medicine (University) (pdf)
Modern Languages and Joint Schools (pdf)
Modern Languages and Joint Schools (University) (pdf)
Music (pdf)
Music (University) (pdf)
Philosophy Politics and Economics (pdf)
Philosophy Politics and Economics (University) (pdf)
Physics (pdf)
Physics (University) (pdf)
Theology and Religion and Philosophy and Theology (pdf)
Theology and Religion and Philosophy and Theology (University) (pdf)