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We are sorry to have been notified of the deaths of the following College Members and Alumni, and are most grateful to relatives and friends who have supplied an appreciation or biographical details. For a complete list of deceased members, please see the annual Keble Record. More material will be added to this page as it becomes available.


Reginald Edwin Price (1947 BA English Language and Literature)
died on 31 August 2022 aged 96


Owen Christopher Pegg (1951 BA Physics)
died on 4 May 2023 aged 90


John Richard Rice-Oxley (1962 BA Literae Humaniores)
died on 19 June 2023 aged 79


Andrew Kevin Foster (1973 BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics)
died on 20 March 2023 aged 68

Timothy Axson Charlesworth (1973 BA Geography)
died on 30 July 2023 aged 69

Russell Gordon Smith (1978 BA Theology)
died on 25 September 2022 aged 63


Fiona Deborah Clapton (1986 BA Jurisprudence)
died on 20 June 2022 aged 54