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Owen Christopher Pegg

Owen Christopher Pegg (1951 BA Physics) died on 4 May 2023 aged 90.

Owen Pegg at front, KCBC 1953

On 4 May 2023, Owen passed away in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, survived by his wife of 31 years, Alice Marshall, six children and five grandchildren.

Owen was born in Highams Park, Essex 0n 17 June 1932. On 3 Sept 1939, Owen, brother Alan and, unusually, his mother were evacuated to Oakham, Rutland, his father remaining in London. Their Essex home was bombed, leaving only the gate.

He attended Oakham School, and was awarded a scholarship to either Clare College Cambridge or Keble College Oxford. The nearness of the Clarendon Laboratory to Keble (vs bussing from Clare to their lab) and the influence of an Oakham Kebelian house master led Owen to choose Keble. In 1950 he failed the military physical, but began a gap year at Harwell nuclear research. This post-war work required Owen to sign the Official Secrets Act, and be followed for decades.

Owen wanted engineering at Oxford, but daily classes were too early. So he enrolled in the later-starting physics. Oakham friend, John Lisle, also attended Keble and read physics, becoming a successful academic at Manchester.

Owen’s relatively small size was perfect for coxon, and rowing was a sit-down sport. He enjoyed Keble rowing. When meeting his tutor and asked about a typical day, at the words “…and then I row in the afternoon,” the tutor responded, “Oh, you ROW.  That’s why you don’t do any work.”

His love of sailing grew, and he enjoyed especially the English Channel and coast, Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River in Canada, and the British West Indies.

Upon graduation Owen joined Northern Aluminium as a management trainee, and remained in the aluminium and window industry in England or in Canada.  In 1988, he started his MBA at York University, Toronto, and consulting work. Owen completed his PhD courses, but was asked to start a company in England before he could complete a thesis. He consulted for the Business Development Bank of Canada until retirement in 1999.

Owen enjoyed retirement with Alice and youngest daughter Victoria in Richmond Hill, Ontario. He kept up his computer skills, designing a water garden (scaled-down version of Sezincote in the Cotswolds) and the second floor renovation of their home.

Worsening health led Owen and Alice to downsize and move to Peterborough, Ontario in 2021. He enjoyed his social interactions until dementia and cancer worsened. Owen donated his body to the University of Toronto medical school.

Kindly provided by wife Alice Marshall