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Student Wellbeing & Welfare

Academic and Exam Support

Academic studies are the central component of your time at Oxford, and the College has a range of support in place to assist you in making the most of your studies. This page gives you details both of the people who can help, and of some other resources you can draw on if you are experiencing any issues with your studies.

Meet the Team

Dr Ali Rogers

Senior Tutor

Ali is the Senior Tutor at Keble and oversees the studies of all students here. You are welcome to speak to him about issues with your course or concerns about your academic progress.


Penny Bateman

Student Administration Manager

Penn and her team in the College Office oversee the practical and administrative arrangements for students at Keble. Please do get in touch if you have any questions or would like advice about any academic or exam-related processes.

Study Skills Support

If you feel you would benefit from assistance with study skills, Keble has two dedicated study skills tutors to help you. To find out more about what they can offer and about how to get in touch with them, visit the Study Skills page.


Our Study Skills Tutors are,


Dr Olivia Glaze


Dr Thomas Player



Personal Tutors and Academic Advisors

Alternative Personal Tutors (Undergraduates)

You can always talk to your tutors if you’re having problems. But sometimes you might prefer to speak with someone else, and that’s fine.


Every undergraduate has an Alternative Personal Tutor who isn’t involved with teaching them. They are someone you should feel comfortable approaching when you have problems, particularly within some of the “grey areas” of overlap between academic and personal issues.


They won’t contact you on a regular basis, but they’re available as a back-up when you need them.


You will be told who your APT is at the start of the year. But if you forget, please contact Penny Bateman, the Student Administration Manager ( or ext.72711).


Contact details and further information about all College Fellows are available on the College website here.


Graduate Advisors

Every graduate student has a college graduate advisor, your point of contact within college for any academic issues and/or welfare concerns you may have whilst in Oxford.


They are not intended to duplicate the role of supervisor or course advisor, but they can be a good source of advice if you’re having problems with your course or Department. They have access to your GSR reports, but they’ll generally wait for you to contact them if you think they can help.


The graduate advisor will normally be a member of your Faculty or Department, so they’ll have some insight into the kinds of issues that can arise. Even if they can’t help you, they may know who can.


Your college adviser should contact you at least once a term to offer you the opportunity to meet about any issue you might have. Mostly things are fine and there is no good reason to meet up. But you’re free to contact them at any time.


If your College Adviser does not respond to your emails – or you’ve forgotten who it is – please contact the Senior Tutor at

Exam Support

Examinations and assessments are an important and unavoidable part of student life for undergraduates and some graduate students, and there are lots of things you can do to make them manageable.


Please remember that exams are not a way of justifying your existence to yourself, your family, or the world in general. Nor are they the most important thing you will do in life. Rather exams provide an opportunity for you to show what you know to the best advantage and for employers to see that you’ve done some work and can demonstrate what you know.


The key to minimising exam stress is good preparation and there are lots of resources available to help you with the process.


The University’s Exam Wellbeing webpage collates many of these resources in one place, including advice on exam preparation, exam practice and orientation sessions, and supportive resources from the University Counselling Service.


You can find information on sitting online exams using Inspera here.


If you experience an issue submitting an assessment or sitting an exam, you can find useful advice on what to do on the University’s Problems completing your assessment webpage.


Concerns about your course

For Graduate students issues with your course are best raised with your Faculty Director of Graduate Studies (see the relevant Faculty website).


For Undergraduates, if you have any issues with your course or matters relating to exams, please get in touch with the College Office who organise the studies of all Keble Undergraduates: