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Financial Support

Both the University and the College offer financial support to students in need of assistance.

Information about the financial assistance offered by the College can be found below. For full details of the financial assistance available from the College, including grants and awards, please explore our Financial Guide (pdf).

Advice on managing your budget and information about the University’s Financial Assistance Scheme can be found on the University website here.

Current students who wish to apply for financial assistance from the College can access a link to the College’s Student Support Fund application form in the Keble Student Support Fund section below.

If you would like to talk through your situation and the financial assistance that may be available to you, please contact Aimee Rhead, Keble’s Student Support Officer (

The College will endeavour, within the resources available, to ensure that all Keble students will not have to worry about funding during their time at College. Alumni and friends of the College recognise that the costs of studying at University are increasing. Through their generous donations the College is able to offer financial support to those in need. Financial support is mainly directed at assisting with students’ on-course costs, but there are also some funds to help with expenses incurred as a result of course-  and career-related activities during the vacations.

Keble Bursaries

In addition to the comprehensive bursary programme offered by the University, Keble offers additional bursaries to eligible students via its Talbot Fund.


No application is required. Students eligible for the Keble Bursary will be contacted during Michaelmas Term each year.

Keble Association Grants

Keble offers a number of grants for which students may apply. The grants are funded by the Keble Association, a registered charity run by former Keble students for the benefit of current undergraduate and graduate students.


Information on the grants available and application forms are emailed to all students in 0th week of each term.


Study Grants for materials, equipment, research and other related academic costs.


Travel Grants with an emphasis on travel for humanitarian purposes.


Arts Grants for individual or group art-related activities, such as performances and clubs.

Keble Graduate Support Fund

Keble’s Graduate Support Fund is available to assist graduate students with costs associated with their academic studies.


Graduate students may apply for assistance for: –


Course-related equipment

Fieldwork costs

Attendance at relevant conferences

Visits to libraries or archives outside Oxford


Please contact the College Office at for further information on the Graduate Support Fund and to request an application form.

Keble Student Support Fund

Any current Keble student who experiences unexpected or chronic financial difficulties can apply to the College’s Student Support Fund.


The application form is available via this link (Single Sign-On required).


Applications are considered by a panel once per term. Information submitted on the application form will be viewed by members of the panel. The panel comprises the Senior Tutor, the Student Support Officer, the Welfare Fellow, and the Accounts Assistant. Applications may be considered at other times during the term when this is considered necessary.


Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. Awards may be in the form of a grant, interest-free loan, or a combination of these.


Any student who is experiencing an urgent financial issue, who wishes to request financial support for smaller sums, or who would like to discuss their eligibility for financial support, may contact Aimee Rhead, Keble’s Student Support Officer ( Aimee can provide information and advice on the financial support available and she may be able to offer more immediate financial assistance in some circumstances.


Students who may wish to apply for financial assistance from the Student Support Fund should note that: –


Students are expected to have applied for the maximum amount of funding for which they are eligible from external sources before applying to the Student Support Fund.


The Student Support Fund does not offer funding for tuition fees.


The Student Support Fund does not provide core funding for graduate students who were underfunded at the start of their course.


The Student Support Fund would not expect to make an award of more than £1000.


When considering your application, the Student Support Fund panel will take into account the University’s estimated living costs for students.


Where appropriate, we may direct students to apply to the University’s Financial Assistance Scheme instead of or in addition to an application to the College’s Student Support Fund.


Students should note that the College’s Student Support Fund will not offer financial assistance for a reason or purpose to students who have already applied to and / or received funding from the University’s Financial Assistance Scheme for the same reason or purpose, unless this has been agreed by the College in advance. Before making an application to the University’s Financial Assistance Scheme, please contact the College’s Student Support Officer, Aimee Rhead to discuss your situation and eligibility (