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Library arrangements for Trinity Term 2021

The Library is open for study from between 8.00am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-6.00pm on weekdays. It is also open Saturdays 8.00am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-6.00pm and Sundays 10.00am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-6.00pm until 27 June.

For the Library to remain open, all library users must read and abide by these regulations.  All aspects of the reopening will be reviewed weekly, and feedback to is welcome.

The remote services will remain available to all Keble students. See below for details.

➤Occupancy will be limited to 37, with seats laid out to comply with social distancing

➤There will not be a booking system; if no seats are available then you must leave immediately

➤Face-coverings must be worn at all times while in the Library, unless you have an exemption

➤You must sanitise your hands upon entering, and wipe down your desk before and after use

➤No belongings can be left unattended on desks for longer than a bathroom break.  Items left for longer will be removed.

➤All belongings must be cleared between the morning and afternoon opening periods.

➤Browsing will not be permitted; if you don’t want to study in the Library or all seats are occupied, you must use the Click & Collect system

➤Any books you handle but don’t borrow must put on one of the trolleys for staff to remove to the quarantine area for 72 hours.

The standard non-Covid regulations for using the library also apply.

Using the Library

1)  The Library is for use by current members of Keble only.

2) Readers need their University card to enter and leave, and to use the Library’s self-issue machine for borrowing books.

3) Readers should observe the Health and Safety recommendations on the use of ladders and kick-steps, and other notices displayed in the Library.

4) Food and drink are not allowed anywhere in the Library, except for bottles of water, and drinks contained in Keble or Bodleian KeepCups.

5) The Library is a space for quiet study. Please show respect for your peers by keeping noise to a minimum and by silencing your phone.

6) Readers must leave clear their desks of all belongings if they leave for more than 10 minutes, and pack up promptly when the Library is closing.

7) Deliberately defacing or damaging a book, DVD, Library furnishings, or any part of the self-issue or security system is regarded as a serious offence.

Borrowing books and DVDs

8) Fifteen books and/or DVDs per person can be on loan at any one time. Please email if you need more. For Undergraduates, books and DVDs borrowed during term are due back on Wednesday of 8th Week. Books and DVDs may be borrowed for the vacation from Monday of 8th Week. Books borrowed for the vacation are due back on the Monday of 1st Week. For Graduate students, the loan period is 60 days. Up to four renewals are possible unless the item has been reserved by another reader.

9) For books ordered through Click & Collect, readers are responsible for collecting and returning books to the returns box. Items borrowed by students using the reading rooms must be issued at the self-issue machine. Readers should not remove or attempt to remove material from the Library without properly issuing it, and if the alarm sounds, they are to re-enter and check out the item properly or use the paper sign-out sheet. Readers are responsible for all books on their account until they are returned on the self-issue machine.  Loans may not be transferred between students

10) The cost of replacing lost, unreturned, or damaged books and DVDs will be charged to battels. If a lost item is part of a set, the cost of replacing the whole set may be charged.

11) Readers may not borrow Keble Library books for the use of non-Keble members, and Keble members may not borrow books from other college libraries

12) If you need something not available in Keble Library, or a book that is marked as Confined to the Library, please contact

Remote Services

These are available to all Keble students, undergraduate and postgraduate, studying at home or in Oxford.

Postal loans

Books from the library’s existing holdings can be posted to students at home, to UK and to non-UK addresses where possible. These will have long loan periods and can simply be returned when you are next in Oxford, as long as that is before the end of your course. The number and frequency of postal loans may be restricted if demand is very high; please limit requests to key items.

➤ Email the author, title, the book’s Keble shelfmark (eg. AB 33.105), and your address to

Click and Collect

Students in Oxford can request books directly from SOLO at any time by clicking on the green ‘Request’ button.  They will be fetched each morning and put onto your library account.  You will receive an email when they are ready to collect from outside the Library; they can be collected at any time.  You can return books into the box outside the library.

➤Request through SOLO; email if you need items that have no Request button.

Book requests – hard copy and ebooks

Books not currently held by Keble library, or additional copies of books on loan, can be ordered directly to you at home as long as the Librarian considers them a suitable purchase. These books would belong to the library and would need to be returned when you return to Oxford. The library will acquire ebook versions of requested items whenever possible.

➤ Email the author, title, the topic/paper it relates it to, and your address, to

Online resources

As well as ebooks, there are many other online resources available. LibGuides can help you explore the key databases and journals for your subject, but the Librarian is also happy to answer questions on how to make the most of the resources available.


Please use the Bodleian’s Scan and Deliver service wherever possible.  If a book is in Keble library but not held by any of the Bodleian libraries, a chapter or extract can be scanned as copyright allows.

➤ Email the author, title, and pages or chapter required; you will be asked to acknowledge a copyright declaration.

Contact with all enquiries.

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