Join us for an online book launch of ‘Ethical Debates in Orangutan Conservation’ by Alexandra Palmer (via Microsoft Teams). Organised in collaboration with the Keble College MCR.

Ethical Debates in Orangutan Conservation explores how conservationists decide whether, and how, to undertake rehabilitation and reintroduction (R&R) when rescuing orphaned orangutans.

The author demonstrates that exploring ethical dilemmas is crucial for understanding ongoing disagreements about how to help endangered wildlife in an era of anthropogenic extinction. Join us for an online launch of this new book, which will interest conservation and animal welfare practitioners, and scholars in the fields of animal studies, primatology, geography, environmental philosophy, and anthropology. Organised in collaboration with the Keble College MCR, and featuring a post-launch discussion on how to publish from your PhD.

Speakers: Alexandra Palmer, Geography, University of Oxford; Laur Kiik, Anthropology, University of Oxford; Liana Chua, Anthropology, Brunel University London; Annie Welden, Geography, University of Oxford.

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