Tuesday 7 August 2018

Congratulations to Keble Finalists

Congratulations are due to Keble’s finalists, whose hard work has led to another year of great examination results. Thirty-nine students were awarded firsts and a further sixty-one will be graduating with 2.1s.

There were some good outcomes for individual subjects: five geographers and five students in medicine and biomedical sciences came away with firsts, as did all three finalists in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics and both finalists in Ancient and Modern History. There were also great results for some of the smaller subjects – Theology (three firsts) and Archaeology and Anthropology (two firsts).

There were notable individual successes in University prizes. Chun Ting Lau scored the highest marks across the university for Engineering Science and Alexander Hayes was proxime accessit in the Gibbs Prize for the BM Part II examinations. A full list of University prize-winners, including MSc students, is below:

  • Caitlin Brown (Geography) J.C.A Meldrum Essay Prize Runner Up
  • Lucy Donovan (Cell & Systems Biology) GlaxoSmithKline Pharmacology Prize
  • Anna Duff (Modern Languages) David Cram Prize for best performance in Linguistics
  • Thomas Foster (Computer Science) G-Research Group Project Prize
  • Harry Hill-Smith (Law and Finance MSc) South Square Prize for Corporate Insolvency Law
  • Leila Parry (Jurisprudence) Wronker Prize for Administrative Law
  • Long Pham (Computer Science) The G-Research Prize for best Project
  • Anna Skaria (Medical Sciences) British Society for Immunology Undergraduate Prize
  • Kenneth Tam (Law and Finance MSc) Linklaters Prize for Principles of Financial Regulation
  • Oliver Weller-Davies (Computer Science) The Vodaphone Group Project Prize
  • Zhenxian Yang (Computer Science) Presentation Group Project Prize


We look forward to welcoming back our 2018 finalists at the Degree Ceremony on Saturday the 4th of May 2019.