Wednesday 28 July 2021

Congratulations to our 2021 Finalists

Many congratulations to our 2021 finalists! The past year and a half posed considerable difficulties, not just in terms of learning and assessment, but also to social and personal life. It has been a real achievement to get through to the end.

117 Keble undergraduates sat finals this year, most of them taking their papers in their College rooms rather than in Examination Schools. Some of them faced exams in new formats and new ways of submitting assessments online, adding to the uncertainty of the term. They missed the usual rituals of sub fusc, carnations and the walk down to Schools with peers. At least we were able to hold some socially-distanced Schools Dinners this year.

Forty-nine undergraduates were awarded first class degrees this year; 97% will be leaving with either a first or a 2.1. Students taking integrated Masters courses (i.e. over four years) in mathematical sciences are now also given MSc-style classifications. Ten of the 14 students concerned were awarded Distinctions. There were stellar achievements in some subjects: 8 of the 9 students doing Mathematics and Joint schools gained firsts, as did 6 of the 7 Historians and 5 of the 7 Chemists. There were also great results in some of the smaller subjects, such as Archaeology and Anthropology and Human Sciences. There was also individual success in University prizes, notably in Geography and Modern Languages.

Success in Finals is not just a matter of studying hard. This year, more than ever, our students have relied upon the support of friends, family, and, in many cases, members of the College and University welfare teams. We tend to focus on individual achievement, but we cannot overlook the vital support that our students give to one another, not just during the exams season, but throughout the year.