Friday 11 May 2018

Event brings together students from Outreach link areas

Keble College hosted a Wine and Pizza Evening on Friday 11 May to bring together students from Birmingham and the West Midlands from across the University. The areas are linked with Keble and Oriel Colleges as part of the University’s Regional Outreach scheme.

With seventy enrolled students from a variety of colleges attending, the evening was a great success. It gave students from the same area the opportunity to meet and interact, and also to get involved in Keble’s access and outreach activities.

The event is part of Keble’s concentrated efforts to secure longlasting links with schools in the region by involving current members of the University. We are looking forward to keeping in touch with the evening’s attendees in order to expand student participation in our activities: by organizing visits to their former schools, by recruiting volunteer tutors who can support pupils from the region with their academic attainment and the application process, and by providing a lively environment where young people can share their own, unique experiences as students at Oxford with perspective applicants.