Tuesday 10 August 2021

Offer Confirmation 2021

Congratulations to our undergraduates offer-holders, all of whom have successfully met their grades.

We will be welcoming 142 new undergraduates in October 2021, including some who deferred their offers from last year. Although that’s a little above our target intake, we’re pleased to say that we’ll be able to accommodate all the new undergraduate freshers as usual.

We will be busy over the rest of the summer planning for next term. As already reported by the University (University’s planning) our intention is for most teaching next academic year to be in person, as normal. But we will also be planning in case there are further local restrictions.

One of the biggest challenges of next term will be supporting students in the transition from school to university, given the disruption they have face in their learning and assessment. Keble is planning support in addition to the University’s programme, including the appointment, for the first time, of dedicated and trained study skills tutors.

We are looking forward to welcoming our fresher undergraduates and graduates and we’ll be dedicated to giving them the best experience of Keble possible.