Tuesday 23 July 2019

Highest proportion of top degrees for a decade

It has been a fantastic year for Keble finalists – 116 of the 124 undergraduates sitting their Finals this year have been awarded either a first (45) or an Upper Second (71). That’s the highest proportion of top degrees the College has enjoyed for a decade.

Although not all graduate examinations are completed – many have dissertations still to write – fourteen masters students have already been awarded distinctions.

There were some notable achievements by undergraduates in certain subjects. All four finalists in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics picked up firsts, and nine taking History and joint schools were also awarded firsts.

Several individuals were awarded University prizes, although the full list is not yet in.

Lizzy Boulter (Chemistry Year 2)
Turbett prize in Practical Organic Chemistry

Jessica Hamby (Chemistry Year 2)
Turbett prize in Practical Organic Chemistry

Daniel Woodside (Chemistry Year 1)
Turbett Prize in Practical Organic Chemistry

Holly Fairgrieve (Archaeology & Anthropology Year 2)
Oxbow Prize for Best Fieldwork Project

Annie Gregoire (MSc in Economics & Development)
Arthur Lewis Prize for the Best Examination Essays in Development Economics

Robert-Gabriel Inelus (Computer Science Year 4)
Microsoft Prize for best Computer Science project

Alexander Morson (Computer Science Year 2)
The GResearch Group Project Prize

Krytsof Oramus (Computer Science Year 2)
The Presentation Group Project Prize

Oliver Weller-Davies (Computer Science Year 3)
The G-Research Prize for best Project