Javier joined Keble after finishing his DPhil in Politics at Oxford. He also holds a Departmental Lectureship in Latin American Studies at the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies.

Javier is passionate about regime change, subnational politics, presidentialism, and the dynamics linking socio-economic development and politics. His research aims to increase our understanding of subnational regime variation across Latin America and beyond.

More broadly, he is interested in the politics of the ‘developing world’ and has a keen interest in Latin America. Specifically, he follows Argentinian, Brazilian and Mexican political dynamics closely.

Methods wise he’s an advocate for ‘theory-grounded eclecticism’. He believe that quantitative literacy is fundamental and that at the core of every ‘useful model’ lies robust, historical, and case-specific knowledge. In learning and teaching CHA and ‘metrics, he encourages a hands-on and problem-solving approach.

At Oxford, Javier has previously worked for several colleges as an external tutor. Most recently, he worked as Lecturer for Pembroke College. Within the University, he has taught the Latin American Politics paper, Political Sociology, the Comparative Government tutorials, as well as several revision sessions to undergraduate finalists. In the UK he’s also worked as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Manchester, and as an Associate Lecturer at Brookes University.

Javier enjoys working out, swimming and long walks. He is also a Stacraft 2 fan, and a sci-fi, coffee and cinema aficionado.