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Undergraduate Freshers

2 October 2020

Welcome to our page for Keble’s undergraduate freshers. Here is where you will find the latest information on all things related to your arrival and first few weeks at the College.

We are working within the framework set out by the wider University for the coming academic year. If you need information on the general approach the University and colleges are taking, please visit the University website (above) first.

We at Keble are preparing for 2020-21 and we’re working hard to make sure that not only as many students as possible can be in residence, but also that the student experience in college is as good as it can be. We’re busy planning how to maintain the different aspects of college life, such as dining, socialising, cultural activities, and sport. Our services and facilities will be operating in line with government guidance and health advice. This is changing as the Covid-19 situation develops, and we will update our information and guidance as quickly as we can.

This page will be updated in the next few weeks with some important documentation and advice for new students. You will be advised by our Admissions Office about that so don’t worry about having to remember to check back.

We look forward to welcoming you for next term.


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Senior Tutor (

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Documents and Resources

Induction Timetables, emailed 2 October
Sunday Cohort (pdf)
Monday Cohort (pdf)
Tuesday Cohort (pdf)

Keble Face Covering Policy (pdf)

COVID-19 Student Agreement (doc), emailed 7 September

Student Support Fund (pdf)

JCR Freshers website – our JCR Freshers Committee have been busy planning their own Keble welcome for you all and you should visit their website for a student’s guide to Keble including advice on what to bring and how to get in touch before you arrive.

The Bodleian Libraries welcome video – this is by way of a replacement for the face-to-face inductions they would usually coordinate.

Documents emailed 18 August:
Student Contract (pdf)
University Card Form (doc)
IT Information (pdf)
IT Declaration (pdf)
Keble Undergraduate Finance Guide (pdf) 
College doctor welcome and registration (doc) 
Immunisation letter (doc)

Reading Lists – suggested reading for 2020 incoming undergraduate students.


When do I have to pay my fees?

Please refer to the Keble Undergraduate Finance Guide (pdf) for information on how and when to pay fees and other charges.

When do I need to arrive in Keble?

All first year students are required to arrive at Keble by no later than 5pm on Monday 5 October. However, we don’t yet know if it will be possible for all new students to arrive on the same day whilst maintaining social distancing so please wait for an update on that.


If you are travelling from abroad and  will be required to self-isolate on arrival you should arrange to arrive on or before 20 September. Please refer to the ‘self-isolation’ information below.

Will I have to self-isolate if I am an international student?

Current UK government policy (which applies to England) is that travellers from some countries may be required to self-isolate for two weeks after arrival, but others may not. If you are required to arrive earlier, then we will be able to offer you accommodation and meals. There is a discounted rate for students arriving from abroad who either have to undergo self-isolation (quarantine) or who had to book tickets under the assumption that they would have to do so. For such people, 14 days will be charged at the ‘quarantine’ rate of £18 per night (including meals – not optional) but all other nights will be charged at the posted price. You can claim this discounted rate if (a) you can provide evidence that you bought your ticket to the UK whilst the UK quarantine regulations were still in force in relation to your country, and; (b) you will be arriving at the College on or before 20 September.

Are parents accompanying new students able to stay in College?

Our usual Bed & Breakfast facilities are not operating this year because of the constraints imposed by the Covid-19 situation. Parents who wish to arrive with their new students will therefore need to book hotel accommodation in Oxford. Availability is currently good. The College not able to provide shared accommodation for two or more people who are self-isolating. There is, as yet, no central University facility for self-isolation.